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I met Ian in 2009. I didn't know that in just a few short years the  BYAW would help me obtain a High School Diplomia in the United States. I am now in college!    Read more here

My name is Nouman

I live in Casa Hogar Alegre Orphanage. BYAW renovated my home to be a cleaner and healthier place to live.....

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My name is Mariana

BYAW helped me to have better access to food and education in my home.

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My name is Sam

The children in Ferakoabo, Mali walked to school 7 miles each way until the BYAW Academy was built right in the village!

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My name is Dra

Building Youth Around the World (BYAW) is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Foundation that was established by Braedon McCracken in 2009  to truly make a difference for children around the world.  BYAW completed its first humanitarian project in IloIlo Philippines. During this project BYAW delivered school, medical and nutritional supplies to children and their families. 

BYAW has since participated in over 100 projects in the United States, Africa, South America, Mexico and many others places.

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The core vision of the foundation is to increase the potential for success in those youth (ages 0 to 19) in the world that lack the means and abilities to learn, grow and thrive in their younger years.  The work Building Youth Around the World accomplishes helps children become more productive and giving in the communities in which they live.  Through genuine, yet simple acts of compassion and love, Building Youth Around the World helps change many young people’s lives in such a way that they have a better opportunity to become leaders in the societies and countries in which they live.

  1. Provision of essentials for living to underprivileged youth and their families

  2. Education through better schooling, self-improvement and leadership development and training in all its facets

  3. Numerous healthcare related support for children and their families to include nutrition

Who is BYAW?



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