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Ferakorabo, Mali

Renewable Energy Playground

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Building Youth Around the World has just finished installing an electric merry-go-round in Ferakoroba, Mali, West Africa! 

















This new merry-go-round was installed at the Building Youth Around the World Academy.  The merry-go-round, when spun in circles, generates power for 40 lanterns that can be then used for study by the students and their families at night. 


Through Building Youth Around the World, the village of Ferakoroba now has a three room school (6th, 7th, and 8th grades) serving 169 students, a headmaster building, three teachers homes, six bathrooms, and an electricity generating merry-go-round! 


By all standards, the village of Ferakoroba is now one of the most educationally sound villages in all of Mali, Africa and we are so grateful to be able to take part in changing lives for the better in a place where there is so little.  With your continued support, we look forward to many more wonderful and long lasting projects in the future!”

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