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Fagalli & Laulii, Samoa

Humanitarian Project

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Building Youth Around the World had the opportunity to go and serve the people of Samoa again and so much was accomplished.  Ten wonderful people from Utah worked alongside the great people of the villages of Laulii and Fagalii.  At those villages we worked for 8 days with hundreds of villagers and students and some of the things were able to accomplish included:

  • Building a bathroom with running water, toilets and a shower.

  • Building a new canteen (eating area)

  • Laying tile in a library and staff room

  • Renovating counter tops and other fixtures in a staff room.

  • Putting in a needed access door.

  • Building stairs and small sidewalk leading from the school to the new bathroom.

  • Building, sanding and painting 200 new chairs and tables.

  • Constructing and erecting a new, long lasting and sturdy school sign.

  • Employing numerous skilled craftsman to help alongside the village volunteers.

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