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Accra, Ghana

Building Youth Academy

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Building Youth Around the World is  partnering with Nurturing Nations which is specifically dedicated to rescuing children in Ghana.  This includes helping with a school as well as an orphanage that houses children who are living in extreme poverty, abandoned, special needs, and/or children at risk for the sex trafficking industry in Africa.

Building Youth Around the World completed the following:

  1. Building Youth Around the World has committed to paying for the education of three students in the village of Kwofie Kwei for 2018.  

  2. We spent a day in Kwofi Kwei, a village near Accra, supporting a medical clinic put on in conjunction with another foundation that we partner with, Nurturing Nations, and local Ghanaian medical professionals.  We brought numerous cases of medical supplies and tested and treated over 150 children and villagers.  Some of the things we were looking for and detected were diseases to include Malaria, Cholera, Tuberculosis, malnutrition, etc.  It was very successful and fulfilling.  

  3.  We visited an orphanage and school currently being built near Kwofi Kwei and are now evaluating future work as it relates to them.

Building Youth Around the World is doing the following:

  • Sponsoring the education of 3 students for the entire school year of 2018.  Sponsorships are used for education-related expenses such as qualifying exam fees, school lunches, educational resources (e.g., whiteboards, school supplies, etc.), teacher development, school tuition, and school uniforms. This program provides an education, which increases the chances that children can remain at home thereby reducing the risk of their being sold into human trafficking and contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty.

  • Donating large amounts of medical supplies to the orphanage which houses approximately 70 children.  The supplies will include tablet and capsule medicines, topical medicines, drops for eyes, ears, and nose, patches, band aides, etc. These will be stored in a locked medicine cabinet to be used throughout the year.  We will have a doctor with us who will run a medical clinic for several days to take care of urgent and specific needs.

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