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Goshute Nation, Utah

Humanitarian Project

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 Building Youth Around the World completed a Humanitarian Project at the Goshute Nation. It was absolutely stupendous!!  We joined forces today with two other 501c3 foundations which included ‘Islamic Relief USA’ and ‘We Wellness’.  Islamic Relief USA shipped in 115 cases of two week supplies of food and We Wellness brought cases of hygiene kits both from their foundation and kits assembled by the LDS Church.  We were stationed at the Indian Tribal Center (in the gymnasium that the Andrews family, Sabrina, and MaKel helped to repair last year – still looking great!) where we distributed food and hygiene supplies to members of the Goshute tribe and other underprivileged families in the area to include people living as far away as Wendover, Nevada.


John and Audrey Burg who accompanied Jeff and Lisa to the Goshute Reservation last week where they partnered with Islamic Relief USA to donate and distribute 100 cases of food
as well as many tricycles, bikes, and toys to the Ibapah Elementary School.

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