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Navajo Nation, Utah

Humanitarian Project

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47 people in 10 families complete amazing Humanitarian Project in Montezuma Creek - Navajo Nation!!


Building Youth Around the World completed another major project where they served the people of Montezuma Creek in the Navajo Nation.

Building Youth Around the World spent one full week delivering thousands of pounds of clothing, food, medical, dental and hygiene kits, books, coats, playground equipment, stuffed animals and other items to youth on the Utah portion of the Navajo Nation Reservation.

The 47 volunteers from all around Utah and Arizona brought two 28 foot trailers filled with supplies to donate to the White Horse High School, the Montezuma Creek Elementary, the Montezuma Creek Community Dental Clinic, the Montezuma Creek Transitional Center for the Mentally Handicapped, and the Four Corners Pantry.  The group traveled by bus from West Jordan, Utah, and one rule was, no electronic devices allowed for the youth. 


























“We wanted everyone to communicate one on one and it was a great eye opener for the kids, that you don’t have to text to communicate!”, said Ian McCracken, Founder of Building Youth Around the World.  Throughout the day, youth and family worked and distributed the donated items to homes and facilities throughout the area. Youth who participated in this project really were impacted by the people they served. 10-year-old Audrey Burg joined her father, Dr. Jeffrey Burg, a Pediatric Dentist, working with Building Youth Around the World, to work on this project.  She said delivering food, coats, books and other items to needy families was a great experience. Dr. Burg spent his days at the Montezuma Creek Community Dental Clinic giving check-ups and exams, pulling teeth, filling cavities, etc. to local youth in need.


What was the impact of all this work in the Navajo Nation?  “We’re helping change lives,” 13 year old Nathan Weir said. Another youth, 8 year-old Brynleigh Ritchie said, “I like doing this because you give to other people and don’t keep thing all for yourself.”  12 year old MaKel McCracken says she loves the fact that “You can make a true difference in the lives of other children.  By small means, great things happen, and I am so grateful to be a part of Building Youth Around the World!”

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