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Salt Lake City, Utah

YWCA Womens Shelter

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BYAW donates $7,000

Building Youth Around the World recently donated $7,000 to the YWCA battered women’s shelter in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The KRH residential apartments have 36 rooms which houses 36 women and over 100 children. The playground is safely encased inside the walls of the building but is still outside. Here, the children can play safely while still being able to be outside. The playground has not been the same, original playground for over 15 years. The flooring is starting to fall apart and licensing has deemed it unsafe for the children to play on.


The YWCA recently got a grant to repair the playground, but after final estimates came in, the grant will only cover half of the cost of the playground. Building Youth Around the World has committed to pick up the remaining expense.

Because licensing has denied the space, our children in the crisis shelter, after school program, and drop in day care program are unable to use the playground. The only reason why children in the KRH apartments are still able to use it is because they are considered a part of housing and not programs listed under the grant. Building Youth Around the World will repair the flooring so that all children in all programs can play on it.

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