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Salt Lake City, Utah

Rescue Mission

Building Youth Around the World has chosen a project close to home and will be helping to put in a kitchen facility with a budget of nearly $60,000 at the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake. It is a great location that serves the needs of the homeless, victims of domestic abuse, people who have lost their jobs and moreover people who are hoping to turn their lives around.

The kitchen currently serves over 1,200 meals a day and in not equipped to handle the urgent need.  The new space that Building Youth Around the World is building will allow for food preparation and will allow for the growing demand for meals.

Building Youth Around the World will renovating the space to allow for new industrial kitchen equipment like gas ranges, griddles, double stack ovens, fridges and walk in freezers.


  • The Rescue Mission will have a fully functioning industrial kitchen that will allow it to serve its  needy with the 1,200 meals efficiently.

  • The kitchen space when fully functioning can be used for special events that will be a revenue source for the Rescue Mission allowing it to invest in additional projects

  • This service project will also train our youth to take charge in a positive way and being the leaders of today and in the future.  By giving youth the chance to reach their true potential, by providing impoverished children basic supplies, Building Youth Around the World offers a vision of gratitude in action.

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