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Tuxtla, Mexico

Building Youth Around the World Bakery

The impact of the bakery is immeasurable in many ways but below would be the immediate impact:


  1. - It would give jobs to former girls from the orphanage.

  2. - It would teach a life skill to the girls still at the orphanage who will one day have to leave.  Skills would include learning how to hold down a job, how to bake bread, cakes, cookies, tortillas, etc.

  3. - The bakery would sell baked goods to the general public and the money earned would go directly back into the orphanage.

  4. - The baked goods made would be used directly for the meals at the orphanage for the children living there (currently 89 but can fluctuate up to 95 or so)

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Building Youth Around the World completed a  humanitarian project for the Casa Hogar Alegra orphanage in Tuxtla, Mexico. The new orphanage bakery that we built is marvelous! It is state of the art and many cakes, cookies, and bread are selling to the public now.  This is the beginning of the orphanage becoming self-sustaining and we are so excited to be a part of this immense positive change!  In addition to dedicating the bakery, we had 27 people come to the orphanage for hard work and wonderful playtime with the children. 23 young ladies, parents, and guardians came from Montana and 4 from Utah. Together we painted the outside and inside walls as well as the girl’s lunchroom. The orphanage project work from last July is also still standing strong and the beautiful colors of the girl’s rooms and medical center and walls still look super!  We are so happy for the wonderful movement forward of the orphanage and are grateful for all of your support and love.  

This humanitarian experience at the Casa Hogar Allegre orphanage in Tuxtla, Mexico included five families (17 people in total) from the U.S. work with us and so much was accomplished to include:


  • New beautiful flower garden put in at the front of the orphanage chapel

  • Cleaning and painting of the basketball court and Tortilleria walls, roof, and grounds

  • Cleaning and rocking / mulching of the fountain and play area grounds

  • Privacy / Security slats put in over the roof of the girls' dormitories

  • 75+ dresses distributed to the girls (2 each) from friends in Utah

  • A new microwave for the nursery for warming milk

  • Cleaning all the grounds and filling of 2 dump trucks with lots of very heavy things

  • New chain basketball nets installed in playgrounds

  • Purchase of thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables for the orphanage​

  • New sky lights put into the girl’s dormitories to replace the broken sky lights which were allowing rain to come into their rooms.

  • So much more and loads of love and hugs for the orphans!!

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