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Tuxtla, Mexico

Casa Hogar Alegre Orphanage

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Building Youth Around the World first learned about Casa Hogar Alegre Orphanage as a long running organization that was caring for over 100 children in need. It was discovered that the 20 year building was in poor condition and in need of major repairs. The electricity and plumbing was inoperable. There were 12 toilets, 2 of which worked. There were walls that were overrun with black mold where the children slept.

Over the course of numerous years now, Building Youth Around the World has been able to do many things at the orphanage in Tuxlta. For example, we have repaired all the plumbing and electricity and continue to create a clean and safe environment for the children. 


Other recent things that have been done include:

  1. Cleaning and painting the 4 girl’s dormitory rooms

  2. Cleaning and painting the Nursery in two days!

  3. Scrubbing and white washing the outer walls (both sides). 

  4. Purchasing and delivering $16K USD worth of fruits, vegetables, meat, dry goods, milk, etc.

  5. Purchasing and having put in new pantry shelving for the three freezer, refrigerated, and dry goods pantries.

  6. Throwing an enormous children’s party with a clown, 10 pinatas, candy galore, cake, ice-cream, etc.  Wow!  And the green shirts sure knew how to wield a pinata stick too, eh?!?

  7. Donation of 20 new cots, 20 sets of bedding, two 12 foot ladders, and much more in clothing, shoes, etc.

  8.  Overall clean-up of the orphanage in all areas

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